Interview with J. Arch Getty on Russia-Ukraine War

J. Arch Getty

This Thursday, March 3 @ 1pm on Zoom we are hosting J. Arch Getty, a UCLA Distinguished Research Professor and expert on Russia, to speak on the developing Russia-Ukraine War. This session will last 45 minutes; he will be interviewed by Sharon Boorstin, a contributor to the Los Angeles Times, from 1-1:30pm and take Q&A from 1:30-1:45pm.The event is free for members and the public.

Sharon’s Salon: J. Arch Getty and the Russia-Ukraine War

In late 2021, Russia built up troops and heavy artillery on the border with Ukraine. On February 21, Russia officially recognized the two self-proclaimed states in the Donbas, and sent troops to the territories. Three days later on February 24, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. The invasion received widespread international condemnation, including new sanctions imposed on Russia, triggering the 2022 Russian financial crisis. In this course, Ms. Boorstin interviews J. Arch Getty, a UCLA Distinguished Research Professor and expert on Russia. Professor Getty provides insight and predictions about this international crisis and address members’ questions. 

Click here to enroll or call 310-825-9971 ext. 601 and provide reg# 387443.

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