OLLI Instructor Beverly Olevin Writes Play for Zoom

Live theater has gone quiet since the beginning of the pandemic. For now, audiences cannot sit together and enjoy the unique intimate experience that theater offers. Beverly Olevin, a playwright and theatrical director, who has been teaching The Play’s The Thing for OLLI @ UCLA for 15 years, has been challenged to bring the world of theater to Osher members via Zoom. Prior to the pandemic, she brought professional actors into the classroom to perform scenes. To see what could be done to engage an audience virtually, Beverly wrote a ten-minute play designed for Zoom. Take a look!

Marc and Beverly Olevin on Zoom

Beverly and Marc Olevin are honored to be be instructors for the OLLI program. Beverly’s area of expertise is theater and the arts, while Marc’s expertise is the history of science. Though their fields are different, they have a shared desire to present stimulating ideas that inspire reflection and interesting conversation. This coming winter 2021, Beverly will teach The Plays the Thing, featuring local actors doing live performances on Zoom as well as filmed versions of stage productions. Marc will teach Evolution of Science, Part 3.

One thought on “OLLI Instructor Beverly Olevin Writes Play for Zoom

  1. What a delight! Creative comedy during the Pandemic is exactly what we need. Great fun, very entertaining. Thanks for sending it our via Osher.

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