OLLI Instructor Bill Blum to Speak on Panel

OLLI Instructor Bill Blum will be a panelist this Sunday at LA Trade Tech to address the question: Should Donald Trump, the 45th president, be impeached for what the Constitution terms high crimes and misdemeanors?

This past May, he spoke to this topic at Beyond the Headlines, where he opined that it would be unwise for democrats to purse impeachment. As he wrote in Truthdig.com:

But playing the impeachment card—especially now, ahead of the elections—may not be the best way forward, even with a president as unfit as Trump. If the history of impeachment in America teaches anything, it’s that impeachment can backfire on its proponents. As a remedy for misconduct, it both overpromises and underperforms.

Bill Blum is a former judge and death penalty defense attorney. He is the author of three legal thrillers published by Penguin/Putnam (“Prejudicial Error,” “The Last Appeal” and “The Face of Justice”) and is a contributing writer for California Lawyer magazine, and a columnist with Truthdig.com. His nonfiction work has appeared in such publications as Crawdaddy magazine, In These Times, The Nation, The Progressive, the ABA Journal, the Orange County Register, the San Jose Mercury News, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and Los Angeles magazine.

He will be joined by:

  • Kevin Mack,  senior partner with Deliver Strategies,  and a former campaign manager, fundraiser and Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Committee (DLCC),
  • Sharon Kyle. publisher of the LA Progressive, an online social justice daily magazine, and president of Peoples College of Law .

To register, go here.

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