How Volunteering with the American Language Center Led to This

Leonard Blum Russia 1

Leonard and Bonnie Blum with ALC student Lena in front of an entrance to the Kremlin and Red Square.

My name is Leonard Blum and I am an Osher member. Lena, a student from Moscow, who was enrolled in a class of the American Language Center, asked our Osher class for volunteers to aid their students in learning and practicing English. Coincidentally, my wife, Bonnie, and I were planning a trip to Russia. I asked Dylan if he could please ask Lena to contact me to discuss Moscow. She did. Lena came to our home; we had a delightful meeting with her and she gave us valuable information about her city. Lena then tutored my wife in the Russian language. Our time in Moscow coincided with Lena being at home and we were fortunate to have her as not only our guide, but our dinner companion for three out of four nights we were in Moscow. I thank the Osher Institute for facilitating our introduction to Lena, which worked out for our mutual benefit.

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