Perry Wolff’s Final Documentary and Great Accomplishments






On September 3, Perry Wolff screened his final documentary at the Belmont Village in Westwood. He moved to Lake Oswego, Portland on September 28. We will miss him.

Perry Wolff won numerous Emmy and  Peabody Awards during a long career as an executive producer for ”CBS Reports” and other news programs, but after he retired from CBS news, he made a series of art films for public broadcasting, including Images of Jesus, which won the Religious Broadcast of the year award, Michelangelo Restored, The Impressionists, van Gogh, Picasso, and An Essay on Matisse, which was nominated for an Oscar in 1996. In all he received fifteen Emmy awards and fourteen Peabody Awards, as well as numerous Writers Guild, Du Pont and Polk awards.

An OLLI interview in 2011 with Perry Wolff can be viewed here:

A 2-hour interview with Perry Wolff conducted at the Belmont Village Westwood on February 27, 2015 can be seen in segments here:

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