Four Must-Reads for the Serious (or Not-So-Serious) Foodie, Part II

DSC_0149Instructor Carlo Coppola led an enthusiastic group through his spring course, Four Must-Reads for the Serious (or Not-So-Serious) Foodie, Part II. This course is a lively inquiry into food history through the eyes of Margaret Visser in Rituals of Dinner, Stewart Allen’s In the Devil’s Garden, Bee Wilson’s Consider the Fork and William Sitwell’s AHistory of Food in 100 Recipes. Storytelling and historical reflection are shared by Coppola as he organizes the vast information presented into bitesized, easily digestible pieces. 

Field trips include a tour of LACMA to view art celebrating food and feasting, while the conclusion of the course was marked with a fete including recipes prepared by the students from the Sitwell book.  The beautiful garden setting shared by one of the participants was the perfect back drop.  Students each took on a dish from the menu pulled together by Coppola, who himself tackled Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon.

Those looking for an interactive, hands-on history of culture and cuisine will find Coppola’s knowledge, passion and dedication to the topic an educational and enjoyable banquet.

Lisa Deutsch
Culture and Cuisine Consultant

DSC_0155 DSC_0159

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