Come Meet Our International Students!


Our American Language Center seeks volunteers to help international students practice English in their advanced speaking class. These students are ESL learners who want to improve their writing skills for personal, professional, or academic reasons. Our OLLI members will be interviewed by the students so that the students can practice speaking English in a live setting.  The previous sessions were great successes enjoyed by all and we hope to repeat the experience. Volunteers are needed for the following Tuesdays:

  • April 7, 1:15p-3p, 1145 Gayley Center, 114, Reg #257-680. The theme is family!
  • May 5, 1:15p-3p, 1145 Gayley Center, 114, Reg #257-681. The theme is travel!
  • June 4, 1:15p-3p, 1145 Gayley Center, 114, Reg #257-682. The theme is hobbies!

Intercultural Mixers

April 28, 2015 and May 28, 2015
1:15p – 2:30p, 1145 Gayley Center

OLLI members interested in meeting international students for intercultural discussion can arrange group exchanges through Bob Baldwin, Academic Advisor at the American Language Center (ALC), UCLA Extension. Mixers consist of 10 – 15 international students who meet with an equal number of OLLI members. Mixers are conducted like a “speed-dating” session, with pairs (consisting of one OLLI member and one ALC student) meeting for 10 minutes per pairing. Questions are provided, but participants are free to talk about anything they like. Mixers can be English-only or bilingual (subject to there being sufficient numbers of ALC students who speak a language which OLLI members wish to practice). For further information, contact Bob at  or (310) 794-2714.

Language Partners Program (LPP):

The LPP, which has been in operation for over 25 years, provides the opportunity for members of the UCLA and local community to meet international students enrolled at the American Language Center (ALC), UCLA Extension, to improve participants’ language skills and intercultural awareness. The LPP is a completely voluntary program, with participants meeting at times and in public locations based on mutual convenience. Exchanges can be bilingual (if OLLI participants want to practice a foreign language in exchange for an equal amount of English) or English only (for intercultural exchanges). Most participants meet in pairs or small groups and engage in free conversation. Interested parties can contact Bob Baldwin, the ALC Academic Advisor, for an LPP application; once the application is submitted, he will then make the necessary match-ups and introductions. For further information, contact Bob at or (310) 794-2714.



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