OLLI Partners with the American Language Center


On February 18, 2014 our OLLI members partnered with UCLA Extension’s American Language Center to assist foreign students in refining their English. Our members helped by presenting a piece of their life story for examination and discussion. This is a phenomenon across many colleges campus whereby the young learn from opsimaths in the community. In a Friday April 11, 2014 Los Angeles Times supplement, a profile appeared on this subject which featured our own director, Lynda Wilson, providing the context of this concept: “Traditional learning is outcome-based, where students are motivated to learn primarily by external pressures from parents, teachers/trainers, employers, the consequences of failure, grade, certificates, etc.,” says Lynda Wilson, director of Humanities & Sciences, UCLA Extension. “Mature students don’t typically share this motivation. They are interested in the sheer joy of learning, so it is important courses aren’t designed to be strictly outcome-based. Lifelong learning courses also provide mature students with opportunities to stay engaged and meet new friends, which enhance longevity and vitality.”

Thank you to our OLLI participants!


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