More Perry Wolff Screenings

In case you missed them, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute @ UCLA will show the three documentaries on the works of Michelangelo, Picasso and van Gogh again this March. The speaker, Perry Wolff, is the producer, writer and narrator of each documentary to be presented to OLLI members this December.  Mr. Wolff has won 15 Emmy awards, 14 Peabody Awards, numerous Writers Guild, Du Pont and Polk awards and a Motion Picture Academy nomination.

March 6: Michelangelo Restored 1:30-3pm, Reg# 246296: For 13 years, camera crews followed the painstaking restoration of the Sistine Chapel and the cleaning of Michelangelo’s frescoes. Michelangelo, Restored documents this amazing rebirth, as well as the complexity of the great master’s extraordinary accomplishment. This one-hour award-winning documentary will be followed by Q &A. Suggested book: Michelangelo and the Ceiling, Ross King.

March 13: Picasso Paints Picasso 1:30-3pm, Reg# 246297: Pablo Picasso is the most famous painter of the 20th Century.  In his lifetime he created twenty thousand works of art. His favorite subject was himself, often disguised, and almost everything he painted was a clue to his life.  The puzzle of Picasso is that he drew a diary of his emotions every day.  Every canvas was an entry into his personal Spanish journal. This one hour documentary, which won Mr. Wolff a third Writer’s Guild award, will be followed by Q &A. Suggested book: A Life of Picasso, John Richardson.

March 20: Becoming Van Gogh 1:30-3pm, Reg# 246298: Vincent van Gogh started as a poverty stricken impressionist, but his paintings became the most valuable canvases in the history of art. The artist may have suffered from mental illness but he never lost touch with reality, which is manifested in his letters and art. He said,  “I am not strictly speaking mad, for my mind is absolutely normal in the intervals, and even more so than before. But during the attacks it is terrible – and then I lose consciousness of everything. But that spurs me on to work and to seriousness, as a miner who is always in danger makes haste in what he does.” This one hour documentary, which was nominated for an Oscar, will be followed by Q &A. Suggested book:  Dear Theo, The Autobiography of Vincent van Gogh, Irving Stone & Jean Stone.

To reserve a spot, please call Registration at 310.825.9971 with the appropriate registration number, click on the course link, or visit and use the Quick Enroll tab as pictured below.

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