PLATO Member Bikes from Prague to Vienna

Jim Adler, PLATO member for over 10 years and a mediator and arbitrator for even longer, recently bicycled from Prague to Vienna and shares his experiences here.

Why did you want to do this?

I love biking, and traveling.  I love seeing new places and new cultures.  But I also enjoy going back to places like Prague and Vienna; I always find something new to enjoy. 

With whom did you go?

I went with a Backroads trip.  There were 17 on the trip, including four doctors and five attorneys, though none of the attorneys were then practicing and most had not for some years.  One of the participants was a friend of mine from Northern California.  Two years ago we were on a Backroads trip from Budapest to Krakow.

Had you biked this many miles before?

Yes, the number of miles per day was not excessive.  The longest for me (there were longer options) was a bit over 40 miles.  This was along the Danube from Durnstein to Melk and back.  It was relatively flat and reminiscent of riding at the beach here which I do once or twice a week.

What did you enjoy most over there?

Hard to say.  Prague and Vienna are wonderful.  In Prague my friend and I took a Segway trip through much of Prague.  In the Check Republic the highlight outside of Prague was Cesky Krumlov, a wonderful small town with a great castle.  The whole town is a UNESCO Heritage sight.  In Austria, the highlight was Melk Abbey (pictured below), the largest and one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Europe. 


Do you have any intention of another similar bike ride and would you or are you going back?

Yes, already looking for options for next year and in October of this year I’m riding with a group from Monterey to Morro Bay, along Highway 1.  Last year this same group bicycled in Utah where the topography and sights were just amazing


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