An Osher Gift for UCLA’s First Lady

Be on your best behavior, because UCLA’s First Lady, Mrs. Carol Block may be attending one of your Osher classes, perhaps as early as summer quarter. On Sunday, March 6, 2011, Osher staff member Mary Ann Wilson joined Mrs. Carol Block, members of the UCLA Staff Assembly and 29 other UCLA employees for a morning of hiking at the UCLA Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Reserve. Under the expert guidance of docent, Nancy Helsley, the group explored part of the 310-acre biological field station located four miles inland on the north central flank of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Stunt Ranch is the 32nd of 36 wildland sites which encompasses 135,000-plus acres, making it the largest university-administered reserve system in the world. Most major California ecosystems are represented, from coastal tidepools to Sierra Nevada forests, and inland deserts to oak woodlands. Founded in 1965 to provide undisturbed environments for research, education, and public service, the Natural Reserve System contributes to the understanding and wise management of the earth.

Mary Ann Wilson presented Mrs. Block with a gift certificate for an Osher class of her choice Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Block to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s community of learners!


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